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Spanish in Playa del Carmen

learn spanish in playa del carmen
Our Spanish immersion school in Playa del Carmen, located just six blocks from the white sand beaches, is designed specifically for our programs in the typical Caribbean style...
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learn spanish in mexicoAccommodation in Playa del Carmen
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Spanish in Puerto Vallarta

Our Puerto Vallarta's Spanish immersion school is located two blocks from the Pacific Ocean in the heart of downtown. Surrounded by Vallarta’s beautiful colonial buildings...
learn spanish in puerto vallartaPuerto Vallarta
study spanish abroadAccommodation in Puerto Vallarta
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Spanish in Oaxaca

Solexico Language and Cultural Centers provide students with the best opportunity to learn Spanish in a short period of time while being immersed...
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study spanish abroadAccommodation in Oaxaca
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Spanish in Guanajuato

Solexico Guanajuato located in a university town is an ideal setting to experience Mexican culture while learning Spanish. Exposure to the Mexican accent and traditions....
learn spanish in guanajuatoGuanajuato
study spanish in mexicoAccommodation in Guanajuato
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Learn Spanish in Mexico

study spanish abroad in mexico
learn spanish in mexico
Our Spanish courses in Mexico have intensive, interactive programs designed to meet the needs of each student...
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Volunteer Program Donation

learn spanish in mexico
In Solexico Oaxaca, we collected donations throughout December and the first part of January to raise funds to buy tennis shoes for a group of boys at a local orphanage...
Volunteer Program in Oaxaca

Study Spanish in Solexico: Video

Learn Spanish in Spain
Learn Spanish in Mexicolearn spanish in mexicoLearn Spanish with don Quijote Spanish language schools.
We offer Spanish courses in Spain. Study Spanish with us!
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