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Interesting details about Spanish courses in Mexico

Speaking a foreign language is an advantage at school and at work. More and more
individuals study foreign languages so they will have an edge at work as some jobs give a higher employment chance to those who know a foreign language or two. One of the top choices is the Spanish language. Spanish is also known as Romance language that developed from several dialects and languages. There are a lot of schools in different countries that teach the language.
The best Spanish language schools abroad offer competitive programs to easily speak the language. Mexico is a Spanish speaking country and is one of the most visited and most popular destinations for tourists and those who want to study the Spanish language as it is also known for the best Spanish course Mexico. Spanish was said to be best learned when one studies at a Spanish speaking country because it is learned and applied on a regular basis.

The popular Spanish language centers are located in several provinces namely
Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen, Oaxaca and Cuernavaca. There are many
Spanish schools Puerto Vallarta that offer Spanish courses such as an intensive group course
for 15 group classes per week, Super intensive group course for 25 group classes per week, One
on one classes plus 10 group classes per week, teacher of Spanish group course for 2 weeks and
other flexible Spanish courses. A typical Puerto Vallarta Spanish school usually consists
of five students per group with three lessons of conversational course for 5 hours each. Those
interested with Spanish school Puerto Vallarta can also find accommodations in the area. Host
families offer rooms with meals. Spanish course Mexico may also include other activities and
workshops such as salsa classes, arts and crafts, singing, cooking, fiesta and picnics.

Courses for immersion Spanish Mexico concentrate on grammar, interactive learning
experience and conversational skills. The everyday encounter with Spanish speaking people
helps students learn the Spanish language and how to apply it to their everyday lives. The
prices are also very affordable and practical. Students who would like to take immersions
Spanish Mexico courses should look for the contact numbers that are available online as going
through travel agencies make it cost a lot more because huge part of the fees will go to the
agencies and only a fraction goes to the school and host families where students reside while
taking the Spanish courses. It is best to check out every school to find the best one that offers
Spanish programs and courses. Students can also choose from other provinces in Mexico such
as Spanish school playa del Carmen, Spanish school Playa del Carmen, Spanish school in
Puerto Vallarta, Spanish language schools in Oaxaca Mexico and a lot more. These learning

centers are located in awesome places and the instructors are very competitive. Living with
a native family is very affordable compared to living at hotels or premium pads and also lets
one experience the typical Spanish family that is hospitable, caring, conservative, religious and

Enjoy and learn Spanish language in Mexico

The Spanish language has become very popular and is now considered as the second

language of the world and it was reported that about 100 million people speak the language. The
Spanish language seems hard to learn but most Spanish students say that the Spanish language is one of the easiest languages to learn. There are many people who want to learn the language and there are different ways to learn such as online Spanish lessons, using Spanish to English translation books and dictionaries, attending Spanish lessons that are done in a typical classroom type discussion but the most effective way to learn Spanish is by living and interacting with native Spanish speakers and attending classes with instructors that native Spanish speakers and are experienced in the field. There are many people who want to learn Spanish in Mexico
and most of them decide to learn Spanish in Oaxaca as it is one of the most famous provinces of Mexico that has learning centers and host families who take students in. Immersion Spanish Mexico programs are very effective as the students interact and live with native speakers from whom they learn the proper pronunciation and grammar.

There are other activities that students enjoy and these activities also teach them the culture thus making it easier to understand native Spanish. Some schools offer activities such as picnics, cooking lessons, excursions to tourist spots, rock climbing experience, trips to lagoons and beaches, dance lessons and other workshops and tours. The schools in Mexico are proven
to have very effective courses and programs plus they have instructors and teachers who are native speakers and are well trained and patient. There are different Spanish courses offered by
the Spanish language immersion Mexico such as an intensive class for who want to learn how
to speak Spanish the soonest possible time, kids junior and teen Spanish summer camps which
are designed for kids ages 5 to 13. There are four duration options for students who want to learn
Spanish Oaxaca which are short duration courses, mid long duration courses, long term duration
courses and Academic courses. Some schools even offer work and study programs which
lets selected students study and practice working in hospitality industries such as healthcares,
restaurants, malls, retail shops and a lot more. Students who are selected for work and study
programs also have the chance to earn money and gain experience which she can use in the

There are several ways to find the best Spanish language schools abroad. One can
search for the schools’ official website and call them for more details. There are many websites
that compare different language schools in Mexico. One must check the features, the courses

and programs available and other activities and workshops offered by the Spanish immersion
classes Mexico. There are websites that show the features of Spanish learning schools Oaxaca
Mexico, Puerto Vallarta Spanish school and Spanish schools in playa del Carmen. All
these centers are located in places that are accessible, safe, and comfortable and near interesting

Will I kiss under the mistletoe? Christmas traditions and customs in Mexico

Christmas is one event to look forward to in Mexico. However, because you are in a foreign place studying a foreign language (Spanish), there might be several questions that you’d like to ask. Questions like “should I kiss the person I stand with under a mistletoe?” might be popping your mind now? How is Christmas spent in Mexico? To find out, this post might just help you.

In Mexico, Christmas is a religious celebration. The highlight of the celebration is the procession known as La Posada. Here, the celebrants bring with them the images of Jesus and Mary as they stop from house to house – like reenacting Joseph and Mary’s search for shelter before the birth of Jesus.

Santa Claus in Mexico is not a famous Christmas personality (yes, unfortunately!); what they have instead is the Flame Leaf or the poinsettias which plays an important role in the country’s Christmas celebration. Even in Mexico’s folklore, poinsettia is present, particularly in its “Christmas stories” section.

Another Mexican Christmas tradition is the midnight mass also known as Misa de Gallo. Starting on the 16th of December, ending on the 24th, the Mexicans attend nine consecutive masses as preparation for the birth of Jesus.

On Christmas Day, Mexican children are being blindfolded as they are challenged to break a clay pot called “piñata”. Because the piñata is suspended and hung in a rope, bringing it can be very challenging.

Celebrating Christmas in Mexico is one unique experience despite its universality. While you are in the country to study the Spanish language, this celebration is something that you should really make the most.

Cooking schools in Playa del Carmen

The Christmas season is fast approaching. Aside from the presents and festivities, food is something that’s being looked forward to during this time. And while you are in Playa del Carmen to learn Spanish, you might also want to take this time as an opportunity to explore your cooking skills. However, you are not that confident of your cooking, you’d probably want to enroll yourself in a cooking school.

Below are some of the city’s best places to have some cooking lessons:

Hacienda Maya
Col. Centro
Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo
52 (984) 803-1118

The Hacienda Maya School of Culinary Arts is under AJUA! Maya Restaurant. It features cooking classes with renowned chef, Pedro Balam Dzul and showcases authentic delicacies of the Mexican, Maya, and Mexican Mestizo culture. For each class, you can expect a lot of hands-on activities, especially on food preparation. After a particular period, you will also be receiving a diploma as a certification.

You can choose from English, Spanish, Italian, German, and French for your lessons. – And if you are really interested, you might have to sign up fast as classes are open to only 50 participants.

Little Mexican Cooking School
Calle Andres Quintana Roo 779a
Puerto Morelos
Quintana Roo 77589, Yucatan Peninsula

Located between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, the Little Mexican Cooking School offers you an opportunity to learn the way to the sumptuous and delicious Mexican dishes. Enrolling in the cooking school is like an adventure for you in preparing and getting a taste of authentic Mexican delicacies.

A typical program in the school includes an introduction on key Mexican ingredients and some of the country’s top cuisines. After this is a demonstration on how the dishes are made – where you will also be given a chance for a hands-on experience. You will also be receiving a recipe book of the menu tackled in the course.

Learning to cook in Playa del Carmen is your chance to unravel that kitchen “power” in you. After all, cooking is an essential activity this Christmas.

Sweet tooth: Best Mexican desserts

Have a sweet tooth? Then indulge it while you are in Mexico to learn the Spanish language! Known for its wide array of desserts and pastries, you can definitely enjoy having a sweet tooth in the country.

Here are some of Mexico’s best desserts – that you should not miss!:

Tres leches cake

One of Mexico’s popular desserts, the tres leches cake is a delicious and moist cake known in English as the “three milk cake”. It is basically a sponge cake that is soaked in three milk types: heavy cream, condensed milk, and evaporated milk. It is usually a very light cake with several air bubbles. It has a distinct texture that isn’t even soggy.


Often used as a snack, bunuelos are fritters that are also used as toppings or fillings in many Mexican dishes. This dessert is often served on special occasions like Christmas, Ramadan, and Hanukkah. It usually consists of wheat-based yeast dough that’s rolled thinly and cut and shaped into several pieces; these are then fried and finished with a topping that’s usually sweet. It can be filled with yams, cheese, and other fillings you can think of.

Dessert enchiladas

Perfect for those who are conscious with their weight, this dessert features tortillas that are filled with fresh fruits like strawberries, cherries, and apples; they are the baked and covered with fresh raisins-made sauce.


Churros is one famous Mexican dessert that’s made of flour, butter, and eggs. These tasty treats are deep fried and are better served hot. The dessert is best with hot chocolate or coffee to give you a boost in the morning or something to fill you in the afternoon.

These sumptuous desserts are perfect to keep you relaxed after your Spanish classes. Desserts after all is just “stressed” spelled backwards.

What to do in your dull moments in Oaxaca

Learning Spanish in Oaxaca will not take your whole day. Thus, those who do not have anything to do in the city other than their classes will really find themselves caught in dull and boring moments – especially if they’ve already exhausted themselves from exploring the city’s attractions.

There are several ways though for you to get over your boredom and make the most of your stay in the city. Among them are the following:

Discover a talent

Sure, some people are born with their talents. But some talents actually need some discovering. This can be your time to do some self-discovering and find out what ‘special’ things you can do. During your vacant period, you can enroll yourself to an art class – learning a particular dance or try to learn how to paint. Try to immerse yourself into something you find interesting, and who knows, you might just stumble upon something that can turn into your passion.

Get into the crafts

For lucky individuals who are in Mexico solely to learn Spanish, this is also your chance to get into some crafts like crocheting, cross stitching, t-shirt designing, etc. – anything you can think of that’s interesting to you! Aside from acquiring a new skill, you can also make money from these.

Learn your way to the kitchen

Mexico has an interesting range of dishes and delicacies. On your break time from your Spanish classes, explore your little kitchen and experiment on anything in your kitchen. But better yet, get a book containing recipes of various Mexican food and learn to do them. You will not only get to learn to cook the country’s dishes, you will also appreciate how these sumptuous delicacies are done.

These are just a few of the things you can do on your dull moment while in Mexico. Go for a little thinking and find out what are some things you want to discover about yourself while you are learning the Spanish language in the city.

Pampering yourself in Puerto Vallarta – the inexpensive way

Everybody needs some pampering once in a while. While you are learning your Spanish in Puerto Vallarta, it is important for you not to forget treating and pampering yourself to do away with stress. But how can you do so without spending too much?

Here are some tips to help you enjoy spa treatments in the city inexpensively:

Avoid the hotels

Although they offer luxurious spa treatments, hotel spas are very expensive. A cheaper alternative will be the spas found just within the walking grounds from those hotels. Aside from being cheap, they are also not hard to find.

Pay in cash

When you are in Mexico, credit cards are charged additional fees from banks, thus, you get better prices when you pay in cash. Do not forget to bring extra cash for tips!

Go on an off season

Spa treatments are usually expensive on peak hours and peak seasons. This usually takes place on holidays and weekends. If you want to save around $10-$20 from these services, go on an off season or late in the day. – They are not just cheap during these times, you also get all the care and attention of your spa attendants as there are less customers to take care of.

Get a membership card

By becoming a regular customer, you also get a membership card which entitles you for several perks and discounts. Aside from saving some cash by coming regularly to a particular spa, you will also get some freebies – not to mention VIP treatment from that spa.

Yourself deserves some pampering. But it would be better to get it without having to spend much.

Driving in Oaxaca

Although convenient, driving in Oaxaca may not be easy, especially to those who are new in the city. Aside from getting yourself familiar with the streets and shortcuts in Oaxaca, knowing road signs and traffic rules will be a huge help in giving you a stress-free and worry-free driving.

Following what the other motorists do does not assure a comfortable driving experience in Oaxaca. Be careful when doing what the other drivers do – the next thing you know, a transito or a traffic cop may be stopping you already and asking for your license and giving you a ticket.

Most of the intersections in Oaxaca do not have yield or stop signs so extra care and precaution should be taken when driving in these areas. As a general rule, drivers are not supposed to make a right turn on a red light – even if it is safe to do so. Try doing this and you will hear the many honks and shouts of the irate drivers on your lane. The exemption to this rule though is arrow signs allowing you to make the turn.

There is no specific speed limit in the city. However, there are topes or speed bumps that would actually dictate the speed you are allowed to have while driving around Oaxaca. Some areas in the city mark the speed limit – highways in particular; some do not have marks though, so be very careful.

Taking a smooth-sailing ride in Oaxaca may take a lot of getting used to. Do your research and ask around for things that you have to remember while driving around the city. You may ask people from your Spanish language school or those that have been in the city for a while already.

Happy driving!

Playa del Carmen for vegetarians

Many vegans and vegetarians thought it hard to find food for them in Playa del Carmen as there isn’t any tofu or soymilk in the city. For vegans, it was harder because most dishes are served with cheese. However, with some know-how, one would actually realize that Playa del Carmen is a vegetarian-friendly city. Although it is known to serve great tacos and burritos, there are several food establishments that offer meat-free dishes. Two of the most popular stops though are 100% Natural and Babe’s.

100% Natural
10th and 12th Ave.,
Interior Hotel Copacabana
(984) 873 22 42

100% Natural is dedicated to vegans and vegetarians alike. It is known for serving snacks and light meals. Among the restaurant’s best sellers are its great fresh juices and guacamole. It also has sumptuous veggie burgers and fried veggie or noodle dishes that have plain silken tofu.

Babe’s Noodles and Bar
Calle 10 between 5th and 10 Avenue
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
+52 984 120 2592

A Swedish-owned Restaurant and Bar, Babe’s specializes in Thai noodles and mixed European delicacies. Vegetarian dishes are freshly prepared and are cooked using premium ingredients. Its spicy fried tofu and spring rolls are best-sellers to vegetarian locals and tourists.

These two are among the top destinations for vegetarians in Playa del Carmen, other restaurants that cater to these customers include The Crepe Factory in 24th Street (between 5th and 10th Ave), Le Bistro (Small building on 2nd Street between 5th and 10th Ave.), Don Emilione’s (5th Ave. Norte No. 7), Jazzy Cat (6th St. between 5th & 10th Ave.), and Media Luna (5th Avenue between 8th and 10th).

Food is one thing that Spanish language students will not have trouble with in Playa del Carmen. Vegetarian or not, the city will give you countless of options.

Where to watch the best films in Oaxaca

Wanting for some weekend entertainment in Oaxaca? Why not consider watching a movie in the city?

With all the stress and pressure you may be getting from your Spanish language classes, not to mention the other responsibilities and activities you have to do on the sideline, watching a nice flick in the city may just be a great way to de-stress.

Below are just some of the nice places to watch good films in Oaxaca:

Cineclub El Pochote
García Vigil 817, one block north of Cosijopí

Cineclub El Pochote is a movie theater which showcases Mexican, art, and independent films for free (!). International flicks are shown as well, and they have Spanish subtitles, which is very advantageous in your Spanish learning. To find out the titles to be shown, you can check out the monthly schedule posted in some cafés around the town.

Alianza Francesa México
Morelos 306

Alianza Francesco Mexico is a French cultural center that features several French films occasionally for free. For screening schedule though, you can check out the fliers of Casa de la Cultura Oaxaqueña which is distributed around the town’s cafés and public places.

Casa de la Cultura Oaxaqueña
González Ortega, corner Colón

Located in an interesting 18th century ex-convent that was renovated to give visitors a classic feel, Casa de la Cultura Oaxaqueña is dedicated to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Oaxaca. Aside from film screenings, you will enjoy daily cultural events here which include photography and art exhibits, concerts, and performance art. Schedule of events is announced on fliers spread around the city’s public places and cafés.

Of course major malls in the city offer you with movie theaters for your enjoyment, but these places here transcends to that as it also allows you to explore and experience something unique in the city.